Improving and making better our patients health is our priority at Premier Medical Services with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction.

The high quality of patient care we deliver, is due to the fact that we use a system of ‘Patient Oriented’ services

As a result we employ the use of quality infrastructure, our care givers are trained, qualified, competent and certified personnel, while incorporating the use of efficient, available, fail-proof and operational systems

 Some of the following points makes us outstanding in delivery of best medical services

  • Access: Premier Medical Services and our Care Givers are accessible 24-7 our patients and those who require health care.

  • Waiting. Little or almost instant delivery of services, Through continual review of patient responses and other data using this feedback to make necessary changes in our system.

  1. Information. Patient information and instruction about all procedures, both medical and administrative, are made very clear via the availability of an effective link between the patient and the hospital staff thereby, making the patient’s experience better and the physicians’ task much easier.

  • Administration. Check-in and check-out procedures are ‘patient friendly’. For example, for in-patients, we have instituted a system of discharging patients in their rooms, eliminating the need for the patient or the family to go to another office or counter in the hospital and waiting there for a long time. This has been favourably received by patients.

  • Communication. We communicate as much as possible with patient and the family about possible delays so as to avoid a lot of frustration and anxiety.

  • Ancillary Services. Other services such as communication, food, etc. are made accessible both to our patients and to attending families.