While You are under the care of Premier Medical Services as a Patient, You have the Right to:

  • Receive considerate and respectful care at all times and under all circumstances with recognition of your personal dignity.
  • Receive care in a safe setting.
  • Know the names of the people that are providing your care and what they do.
  • Have a physician who is responsible for overseeing your care. Your right includes knowing your physician’s name.
  • Receive information from your physician that is necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure or treatment, or both, unless it is an emergency. You also have a right to know if any medically significant alternatives for care or treatment exist.
  • Designate and receive visitors of your choosing. We ensure that all Visitors enjoy full and equal visitation privileges. However, Premier Medical Services may impose reasonable restrictions on Visitors where it is clinically necessary for the individual patient or other patients.
  • Expect that all communications and records pertaining to your care shall be treated as confidential unless you give us permission or is otherwise permitted by law.
  • Submit a complaint or grievance to the Facility Management.


As a Patient in this Hospital, You Have the Responsibility to:

  • Keep your appointments or inform the Hospital on time when you cannot.
  • Be considerate of other patients by respecting their privacy and limiting your visitors.
  • Observe safety regulations including tobacco-free environment and weapons policy.
  • Supply accurate information to appropriate personnel and report unexpected changes in your condition to your doctor.
  • Ask questions if instructions are not clear.
  • Participate in your treatment plan as recommended by the health care team.
  • Assure that the financial obligations of your health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible.

If you have any questions about your rights and responsibilities, please approach your physician, nurse or any Premier Medical Services representative for clarification.

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