Who we are

The Best in Medical Healthcare Service Delivery

Premier Medical Services, was incorporated on 28th June, 2005 with headquarters at No.3 High Tension Line, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Premier Medical Services was born with the sole purpose of ensuring client have access to qualitative and affordable healthcare without leaving the shores of the country.

To achieve this we have put in place facilities and personnel to replicate a miniature of most reputable foreign hospitals with assurance that our determination will enable us supersede or measure up to international standard.

In all this, we give assurance of a superior service experience while maintaining service  partnership with other tertiary level hospitals in Nigeria and abroad.

Premier Medical Services is the hospital of choice retained for use by several blue chip, Health Management Organizations and other clientele.

What Drives Us.

Good Health for All


To provide modern integrated medical services with patient centered approach aided by cutting edge technologies that are taken for granted in the developed world.


To enrich lives through sound and dedicated medical care by providing the environment for collaborative work among medical experts and colleagues.


Integrity: We stand for our word. We will never renege on our promises.

Innovation: We strive for continuous development of client’s value through solutions that meet new needs, inarticulate needs, or old needs in value adding new ways.

Service Excellence: We are committed to ensuring that our clients have an exceptional service experience with us.

Ethics: We shall be ethical in all our dealing with all our stakeholders. Medical information will be kept in confidence.

Reliability: You can always count on us. Our word is our bond.

Value: We will deliver an extra ordinary value proposition to all our client. It will never make sense to go elsewhere.

Enthusiasm: In doing all this, we will be enthusiastic, imperative of your business because the client is the only reason we exist.