Premier Medical Services offer quality and timely services. Patients or Prospective
Patients can book appointment with the Doctors/Nurses online and be attended
to on real-time.

How to book appointment

Method 1:

To book an appointment by form submission, Click onĀ Request An Appointment.
Fill all applicable detail in the form displayed and submit, A representative
will respond to your Request Within 24hours.

Method 2:

Another method that can be utilized to Request an Appointment is by Clicking
on two options:
1. “Leave a Message”: This will enable you to contact a representative
which will respond within 24hours
2. “Chat Now”: This will enable you to engage a representative in
Real Time chat, where the Medical Condition could be addressed, a referenceĀ is made or an Appointment is made.
This Service runs 24hours, 7 days a week.